Child Custody

Putting Your Children First in Child Custody Disputes

Child custody cases typically occur both during the divorce process, and at some point after when the order needs to be adjusted. No matter which situation you are in, we are here to help you. Protecting or restoring your rights to your children is undoubtedly going to be the most important thing in your life, and we will give your case the time, attention, and dedication it deserves.

Building a Strong Case

Ideally, child custody cases should be able to be worked out through simple negotiation or mediation. When this is not possible, however, it becomes necessary to go through litigation and make your case in front of a judge. When this occurs, we work hard to craft the most effective arguments possible. The courts look at many factors when determining the custody arrangement of children, and we take each of them into account when working on your case. The most common things that the courts consider are:

  • What is in the best interests of the children?
  • What can be done to build or maintain a close parent-child relationship with both parents?
  • What is the mental/physical capacity of each parent to meet the needs of the children?
  • What do the children prefer? (this is typically only considered for older children)
  • What is the moral fitness of each parent?
  • What is the developmental stage of the child? (Infants, for example, may need to be with the mother for breastfeeding)

Don’t Delay

Whether there is an immediate need for a child custody case, or you are just concerned about some of the things your ex is doing, now is the time to contact an attorney. Putting things off will only make it more difficult to get the results you are looking for.