Ensure Legal Orders Are Followed | Take Action Now

Once a divorce is finally finalized and all the legal orders are in place, many people breathe a sigh of relief because the process is completed. Just because an order is in place, however, doesn’t mean that your ex is going to follow it the way they should. If your ex is denying you your parenting time, failing to make child support payments (or making only partial payments), or disregarding anything else in your order, you need to take action quickly.

The courts do not look kindly on people who don’t follow their orders, but they can only help if they are aware of it. If your ex is not following the order, contact us right away. We’ll work with you to submit all proper documents so that the courts can intervene. This may involve wage garnishments, assessing attorney’s’ fees, and even jail time in some cases.

Even if you aren’t 100% sure that your ex is actually failing to meet their obligations, we are here to help. We can review your order, and the evidence you have that your ex is in contempt of the order, and let you know what should be done next to help protect your legal rights.