Dante’ Jones

As the Director of Client Engagement, Dante strives to inspire and motivate his clients by giving them the confidence they need to succeed emotionally and financially after experiencing something traumatic. An estimated 70 percent of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives and whether it’s a divorce, bad faith insurance claim or, you are facing a life sentence, Dante’ understands that these events can be a traumatic experience for anyone. He also understands that each story is different and unique in its own way so by assisting attorney Coleman with developing a personalized strategy to suit each client’s specific needs and goals and teaching them the tools and discipline required to make smart decisions, he takes a hands-on approach to ensuring their future is secure.

He believes that paying attention to detail and careful planning is most often the difference between success and failure. Borrowing from the “buddy system” idea, Dante believes that the cornerstone of a client/law firm relationship is built on communication, trust, transparency, and honesty. Dante’s tireless work ethic and dedication, combined with his persistence and can-do attitude, believes that everyone can achieve financial and or emotional freedom. As a man of integrity, Dante not only teaches his clients the tools they will need to succeed (i.e. patience, understanding, empathy, and discipline), but he takes pride in implementing them into his daily life as well. He believes that “it’s impossible to sell a dream, looking like a nightmare.” As a trusted member of E. Jones & Associates, he believes that it is his obligation to ensure that he practices what he preaches with regards to his personal life and goals.

He is a firm believer that with a vision, strict discipline, dedication, hard work and a trusted legal team, anyone can not only survive but thrive in the legal arena. He also believes a client/firm relationship doesn’t just end after your case is done. Dante’ makes it his mission to communicate with his clients even after their matter has been handled. Dante is dedicating to his client’s long-term success, financially and emotionally. Dante wants each client to feel like they are a part of a larger family of different individuals who are all here for their success and growth.