Fire Damage Claims

Helping You Pick Up the Pieces and Recover After a Fire

If you had a fire in or on your property, and it caused damage, you need to immediately file a claim with the insurance company. Homeowners or business insurance policies are in place to help cover just this type of event. Once you’ve submitted your claim, it is important to closely follow the actions of the insurance company to ensure they are not acting improperly.

Fires in homes or businesses can quickly cause tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, so it is really no surprise that some insurance companies try to get out of paying, or they try to pay as little as possible. Georgia law, however, requires that insurance companies pay out their claims in a timely manner, and for a reasonable amount, based on the terms, conditions, and exclusions listed in your policy.

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If you feel that the insurance company is not acting in accordance with the policy you have in place, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Examples of this would include making lowball offers on a claim, denying a claim, refusing certain aspects of a claim, taking unreasonable amounts of time for investigation, and anything else that just doesn’t feel right. Don’t put the future of your home, business, or finances at risk. Let us review your case and let you know what your next steps should be.