Home Owners Insurance

Helping to Ensure Your Home & Assets are Promptly Replaced

People write a check to their homeowner’s insurance company for years without making a claim, with the understanding that should anything ever happen, they will be able to make a claim. When an insurance company tries to delay, offer less than is owned, or outright deny a claim, it can be extremely frustrating, and extremely scary. The last thing you want to do in this situation is try to fight the insurance company on your own.

Experienced Insurance Law Attorney

Jones & Associates has been fighting insurance companies for years, and we have the experience to help ensure your claim is paid out promptly, and properly. We know how to read through the fine print of insurance policies, and come up with the proper, legal, interpretation of every line. This is critical for avoiding delays and denials of any type of claim.

Helping After Life’s Biggest Disasters

If you have experienced a fire, flood, wind damage, injury on your property, or any other type of event that requires an insurance claim, you should be able to focus on getting your life back in order. If your insurance company is dragging their feet or making it so you constantly have to fight with them to get what you deserve, you likely have a legal case on your hands. We know exactly how to work with insurance companies so that they will do what they are supposed to. If they refuse, we can take them to court and demand justice on your behalf.

Remember, homeowner’s insurance is supposed to help give you peace of mind, not raise your blood pressure. If you are having any type of issue with your homeowner’s insurance company, please don’t hesitate to contact us to review the situation and help you make the right decisions moving forward.