Insurance Litigation

Taking Insurance Companies to Court to Demand Justice

As you look through the slogans of all the different insurance companies, you would think that you are paying a family member who truly cares about you for this coverage. When you try to make a claim, on the other hand, it can feel much more likely you are trying to convince a total stranger to give you money. While insurance companies certainly have the right (and responsibility) to avoid being defrauded, they sometimes take things much too far.

Insurance Company Unjustly Denying Your Claim?

If you have made an honest claim on an insurance policy, and the insurance company is refusing to pay, you may need to take them to court. If the insurance companies think there is anything related to your claim that is at all questionable, they may try to deny the claim to get out of paying. Sadly, they all too often get away with this type of thing because people don’t know how to stand up for their rights. Hiring an experienced attorney to represent you throughout the litigation process is the most effective way to ensure justice is served.

Insurance Company Attempting to Lowball You?

A practice that is even more common than outright denying a claim is making a very low offer for the claim. Insurance companies can ‘save’ millions of dollars per year by offering their clients significantly lower payouts than they deserve. If you feel that the insurance company is making an unreasonable offer, make sure you contact us to review the situation. If you are correct, we can represent you in court to demand a fair payout.

We Litigate Against All Insurance Companies

E. Jones & Associates has the experience needed to battle even the largest insurance companies, and come away with a verdict that our clients are happy with. Whether you are having issues with your car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, or any other insurance company, we are here to help. We can attempt to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf, or take them to court and demand justice through the litigation process.