Jamara Lopez

Director of First Impressions

Jamara Lopez is a young, aspiring individual hoping to obtain her paralegal degree. Another important goal for Jamara is the opportunity to travel internationally and study different cultures.

Building a transparent relationship with the clients is an everyday goal for Jamara. Gaining their trust and being able to have the client feel like an important part of the process is something she thrives for daily. She always maintains a positive attitude for clients to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Born in U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and then raised near Chicago, Jamara was happy to leave the snow and move to Atlanta last  October. The welcoming feeling here and the opportunity for growth is what attracted her to Atlanta the most. The positive, can-do attitude of the people here reminds her of being back home in Puerto Rico.

Jamara wants to build a relationship with everyone in the firm. She wants to utilize her organizational skills including filing and in computer systems to create a significantly improved case management process that is client driven with a focus on achieving their goals. Integral to her career goals are becoming a part of the management team and also becoming a paralegal in the office.

Jamara is a fluent Spanish speaker. She enjoys working with people and empathizes with the difficult situations incoming clients face. Jamara has been a member of the Armed Forces for a year and a half and it has given her the experience to handle many tough situations. The opportunity to supervise and work with  clients at other companies has also given her an advantage to put her personal feelings aside and get the work done.