Fighting for Fair Modifications of Legal Agreements

After a divorce has been finalized, most people think that it is the end of their legal battles. This, however, is not always the case. When there are children involved, for example, it may become necessary to have one or more of your orders modified as your situation changes. There are many things that can prompt a change to a child custody order, a child support order, a spousal support order, or just about any other type of order that you have. The following are some of the most common reasons why people seek legal modifications to existing orders:

  • Age of the Child – As children grow up, their needs can change quite dramatically. Having a child custody or support order that reflects their needs is very important.
  • Job Change – If one or both parties has a significant increase or decrease in finances, it is likely going to be appropriate to adjust the child or spousal support orders.
  • Relocation – If one of the parties wants to move a significant distance away, the courts may need to be involved to help determine how this will impact a child custody order.
  • Remarriage – When a spouse receiving alimony gets remarried, they will almost always lose their spousal support.
  • New Children – Having another child with another partner may make it necessary to have a change in the child support order.

Of course, there are many other circumstances that may make it a good idea to seek a modification in one or more of the legal orders that are in place. Whenever attempting to change (or stop a change) a legal order, you need to have an experienced attorney there fighting on your behalf. E. Jones & Associates has worked with many people from Atlanta, and throughout Georgia with this type of work and we would love to help you too. Please contact us to discuss your situation and see if we are a good legal fit for you.